What happens when 2 Weedeaters Hit Each Other? (28,000 fps SLOW MOTION) - Smarter Every Day 255

Published on Apr 29, 2021
Weed Eater Wars: 8 Types of Weedeater Line square off in a single elimination battle.
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Sometimes you just want to goof around in the garage with friends.... and you happen to end up learning something interesting!
View the Weedeater vs Weedeater Main Video Here: usdos.info/border/video/zKKhoIST27GUnXA
View EXTENDED CUT Here: usdos.info/border/video/nGefhpKBs6SUfZE
View FULL Slow Motion Videos From Other Battles:
Battle 1 Star vs Crossfire: usdos.info/border/video/1ZyKopuCq8R-qp8
Battle 2 Triangle vs Sharp Square: usdos.info/border/video/vaF_q3yl08SPbYE
Battle 3 Razor Core vs Blue Line: usdos.info/border/video/y66nnWNpq5ekma8
Battle 4 Sharp Sharp Square Vs Grey Blobby Thing: usdos.info/border/video/nH-maZl-2L1qf4U
Battle 5 Razor Core vs Echo Crossfire: usdos.info/border/video/n6SliX5slamBZps
Battle 6 Sharp Square vs Grey Round: usdos.info/border/video/3Yubhp-csJeUfIU
Battle 7 Razor Core vs Sharp Square: usdos.info/border/video/t26gqHZtqcmDmZE
Battle 8 Redo Razor Core vs Grey Blobby Thing: usdos.info/border/video/vqCGpXZrrcmHf58
ALL BATTLES in Slow Motion: usdos.info/border/video/l4uheYyOy5tsaKc
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  • OK OK, I hear you. Patrons now have access to the raw video of me screaming the announcements.....thank you for the support.

    • But, but, but you didn't bellow "SLAP FIGHT!" or "FALCOOON SLAAAAAP!!!!!"

    • Yeah

    • lol where

    • Aye ya are tho ya tya tt t the one tt t the one that

    • As a diesel truck owner, I hear stories of people accidentally putting gasoline in their truck. They usually drain their tanks to rid the gasoline. I've heard of people pouring engine oil to cut the gasoline a just driving on that. I've wondered what ratio of engine oil would be ok to run, and could you not only use motor oil, but could you also cut enough 2cyl oil with gasoline to run in a diesel engine?

  • SHARP SQUARE VS *GRAY BLOBBY THAAAAAAAAANG* FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mega Props to the Foley Sound Guy !! Spaghetti sounds were on point 😂

  • "Maximum Noodleage"

  • Lmfao east division bro I'm crying

  • Yeah haha this video is dope destin

  • Weedeater Wars isn't too bad of a name but I woulda gone with "Wack Off"

  • Jeremy is hilarious 😂😂

  • Grey blob is gonna win.

  • That was so fun and interesting to watch. Great video lads.

  • Makes no sense why I’m watching this all I’m doing is watching plastic cords hit each other and high speeds

  • thats one way to word 'competitive mating for man-made synthetic squiggly snakes 4K slow motion high FPS record'

  • Beyblade for adult people I see

  • Noodletality

  • Imagine the G-force at the tip!

  • The cross section is interesting and i suppose gives expected results. The corner of the square cut the round wire and made a weak point, while the round was bashing the square and destroying its shape.

  • I thought they were called "weedwackers" not "weedeaters".

  • Egon: Don’t cross the streams. Peter: Why? Egon: It would be bad. Peter: I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean “bad”? Egon: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light. Raymond: Total protonic reversal. Peter: That’s bad. Okay. Alright, important safety tip, thanks Egon.

  • This is a cool test, but tournaments are pretty terrible for getting good data. Tournaments are only useful for comparing extremely large numbers where each permutation can't be checked. But tournament ranking assumes that the transitive property applies, and that is so incredibly unlikely to be true for just some metric that is based in physical reality. It's not even true for sets of numbers greater than size one. The data of the "overall winner" is completely useless. The data of which thread one against which other thread is quite useful and interesting. I like this study, its gives useful data that other wheedwhacker comparisons dont get to, but i think the way you modeled your comparisons pretty much ruins the conclusion. Tournament style is bad for making good conclusions

  • they stop and go for a spliff! answered.

  • Great video Destin! I was laughing and cheering throughout the whole thing!

  • I can imagine a group of dads betting money on their weed whippers

  • Weedeater wars, more like a "Weed wack off"

  • Never knew that Dustin had such a good voice!! 😄😄😁

  • sharp sqare

  • razor core for the win

  • Jeremy those aren’t your friends they openly mock you dude

  • Fun video. Though I'm not a physician, but wouldn't gravity play a role here too? 🤔 I'm no English either so I'll try to put this question the best way i can lmao. But like, the one on the left would not have an advantage in strength? Since the direction of the rotation is pointing down? 🤔 After all seems to be the size that wins the most times. I don't know, probably I'm being dumb and thinking too much outside the box here😂 but someone tell me


  • i worked with these things for years and through this i see the problem with the microplastic. ouch x)

  • why the sound effects

  • take the top 4 ... do it again BUT use each type on EACH machine ... against each other ... that way you turn it into the cord toughness over speed of the motor ...

  • 11:58 its sounds like he slowed and lowered diarrhea sounds

  • i read what happens when 2 weed dealers hit each other

  • Should have called it a whack off 🤔

  • Has no one made the comment about "maximum noodleage?"

  • Is the last one standing potentially the most dangerous as well?

  • Razer core

  • 9:48 I knew it had to be our boy Destin that was the announcer.. 🤘😂

  • Spaghetti Junction is a reference to a highway junction outside of Atlanta!

  • I wonder if Las Vegas will take bets on Weedeater Wars.

  • What brand is Sharp Square?

  • Love your collab with fellow youtubers. Love the monster-truck/wrestle-mania announcer voice! This bit of random is why I love your channel. Be safe out there, all of you!

  • I really like your videos. But constant camera movement gives me vertigo.

  • 8:28: dab me up

  • "I really like blue."

  • Bayblade for *Men/Dads*

  • why did the chicken cross the road

  • why.

  • Why am I watching this while I’m supposed to be “working”?

  • At 11:18 I was thinking of b0obies. That’s what I thought you were joking about lol 🤦‍♂️


  • this was the dumpest idea ever

  • I've heard of Weed Wacker, Weed Trimmer but my fcking god I have never heard someone call them Weed eaters.

  • haha funny WEEDEATER

  • Its fun watching grown men argue about weed wackers fighting

  • man, i was coming bc i though its something about weed.

  • weed eater

  • When u first see the title: "HoW mUcH wEeD cAn 2 PeOpLe EaT?

  • My prediction... It will come down to which one can take the most bending. The line with the cores should be the contenders, with sharp square ultimately winning out due to its smaller radius between the corners handling the tensile stresses better than the circular razor core.

  • "Smarter every day" yeah I can feel my brain expanding as I watch 2 shoelaces slap each other

  • Can we patition Destin to do announcement for actual boxing matches?

  • You guys should try to re do this, but three times each to make it more scientific and fair.

  • M A X I M U M N O O D L E A G E

  • 6:53 green already lost :(

  • I was really hoping you'd call it a "Whack-Off"

  • Should've called it a Whack Off

  • I picked the winning one!!

  • The gray blob!!

  • I love how a bunch of dads come together 😂

  • The solid core offers tensile strength. We used WD1 communications wire in battalion and it was a simple insulated wire with two poles. Between those wires there was a thin steel strand. It helped to prevent breaks in the line from getting caught by troops and equipment.

  • Doesn’t matter what happens, Blue is cool

  • 7:28 go grey blob! 9:40 nooooooo!

  • This is straight up what dads do on their free time

  • The Hobbit was the best book ever

  • Eperk rerp bertles orrf hivvvstooorrrreeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!

  • *****Best science ever!*******

  • I thought that unsub glitch was fake but it’s real? i got unsubed for some reason

  • Destin cracks me up with the announcements 🤣 I cant breath im laughing so hard

  • it is clear *homies*

  • weed

  • Got to love the USdos algorithm It's killing it cuz I totally wanted to sit here and watch an 18-minute video about weed wacker wars. I mean I didn't but I sure watched the video.

  • 9:51, the answer i've been looking for

  • Oh so that's what my neighbor is doing at 5 am

  • That was really really cool!

  • Why did the chicken cross the road Weedeater

  • Funny man

  • This is extremely over engineered for testing the strongest wire for cutting, but it's certainly fun to watch

  • whos husbands are these

  • The surprisingly large amount of people who are commenting that it was rigged so it's always the one on the left that wins clearly watched neither the sharp-sharp square vs grey blob battle or the final battle. The one on the right won both those times. I swear people LOOK for things to try to ruin videos.

  • This is probably the most manly video on the entire youtube.

  • Relevant. My grass has grown too, I need to mow))

  • It's like Project Farm meets NASA with consultation by Atari!

  • Having hosted several fighting games tournaments I find that setting each bout be a set of 3-5 matches is crucial to weed out any potential randomness in performance. Another factor that you might want to look into is using different types of brackets, a single elimination bracket only really shows who the winner is, a double elimination bracket also picks a clear 2nd place. As for Weedeater war you really need a less subjective way of deciding a winner

  • I like ya cut g 4:43

  • i have faith for grey blobby thing

  • “I bet hes cheating on me” Me and the bois

  • Load up on garden sponsorships and turn this into a new sport plz

  • Chainsaw battles next episode?

  • Omfg. This is my new favorite inanimate-object sport😂